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Takamasa Tanabiki

The Bridge of Posterity.

We are very thankful for bringing an exceptional patronage to our products.
Since 1890, we started to manufacure dried noodles and having the foundation of right size, delicious and safety noodles. By measuring the magnification and stability of our products and to continue the bridge of posterity of our company, all the crafsmen and staffs are maintaining the deliciousness of our noodles that everybody can tell it anytime. Having the responsibility and sense of life, we always have the passion as we go on. Being generated by our legend and with our present workmanship and fusion, please enjoy our delicious noodles.

Representative Director:Takamasa Tanabiki


Company name Tanabiki-Seimen Co.,Ltd.
Estabilish 1897
Company formation 1975.1
Capital 11,000,000Yen
President Takamasa Tanabiki
Main bank Mitsui Sumitomo bank
Affiliated organizatoins Natonal dried noodle cooperative, Hyogo pref dried noodle cooperative, Himeji City Chamber of commerce
Business content Manufacture of Dried noodles, Ibonoito dealar
Location 841-48, Kou, Shirahama-cho, Himeji-city, Hyogo pref, Japan
TEL: 81-79-245-0425 FAX:81-79-245-9414
Business hours 8:00-17:00


1897First generation "Ushitaro Tanabiki" starts a water milling business in Sosa-mura, Shikama-gun.
1919The production department of somen noodles was opened in Yobe Village.
1930Opened a milling factory in Sakawa, Himeji City.
1932Started mechanical noodle making at the second factory.
1940Opened Noodle Making Factory in Arakawa, Himeji City.
1943Opened a third milling plant in Tegara, Himeji City.
1944Changed representative to Second generation "Masao Tanabiki". Noodle making factory closed.
1955Started manufacturing special high-grade noodles.
1958Installation of all transfer type drying equipment. Changed representative to Third generation "Masanao Tanabiki".
1963Milling department closed for corporate maintenance.
1971Completely improved low-temperature drying equipment.
1975Reorganized as a joint-stock company. Capital 4,500,000 yen.
1990Started construction of a new factory in Himeji City.
1991Completed the Shirahama factory. Expand business.
1992Moved office to Shirahama. factory Start for the 21st century.
1994Increased capital to 10,000,000yen.
1995Nagoya Sales Office opened.
2007Completion of a new distribution center in Shirahama factory.
2011Dried noodles HACCCP & ISO22000 certification for dried noodles.
2012Increased capital to 11,000,000yen.
2017Appointed President of "Takamasa Tanabiki".
2020FSSC22000 certification for dried noodles.