We now prsent
the one hundred years of technigue
for making the particular Somen.



English write parts.



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We now tell
the history and technigue.

The company has 600 years of history. By taking the advantage of the Banshu Somen,every home had it at the table and use as a gift for an occasions. The quality of the dried noodles rcpresent the richness of every Japanese life style.

The thoughts of
Tanabiki-Seimen Co.,Ltd.

The MOTTO of Tanabiki-Seimen is to make a delicious and safe food for everyday living, that it is been told until now. The needs of the new technology is on the era and the new,easy and useful way of making noodles was discovered. The company's noodle is still on the table until now that from baby to aged person ebjoyed eating it.So the company is continuing to make a delicious noodle and nothing changes in the manufacturing. The concern for each and everyone is still there.

The combine safety and
delecious taste.

Based on the rigid examination of the ISO, these noodle are safe and even recommended for export. The maker is proud to deliwer a safe and delicious noodlea to everyone.

No end for improvement.

The life of the people chenge with the times. There are lots of variety of highly advanced food. Because of these highly advanced food variety, the company also discover a new technology for the manufacturing of the products.


Somen is a qenerally thin noodle that can pass through the throat smoothly and is classified as a luxury food. Tanabiki-Seimen is manufacturing the banryu Somen and handling the 「Ibo no ito Somen」

Banryu Somen

It is a specally manufctured somen that the craftman gives and spend time for the manufcturing of the product to restore the moisture and to have a nice texture. It is made with a specially selected flour and no use food additives.

Ibo no ito Somen

One of the best hand rolled Somen in Hyogo prefecture. With a few set of craftman,and with all thier efforts they are about to manufcture this hand rolled Somen and used a natural way of drying. It is made with a specially selected flour and hand rolled carefully to preserve the elaticity of the noodles. It is a mouth watering soumen that once yoh eat you can feel the smooth texture and elasticity of the noodles. This is the "Ibo no Ito" hand rolled somen.


First is the 「Ibo no ito」Banshu somen「Shiraginu no ito」daily use and eaten such as somen,「Hiyamugi」「Udon」「Kishimen」「Soba」「Chinese noodle」and other such kind of dried noodles.

Taking the advantage of the knowhowof the history of making noodles as baby's food. Easy and no hassle.

Japan's purpose for making these variety of baby food product is to make the babies qrow healthier. Even if no time to cook, you can give and feed your child with this safe and nutritions baby food. Recommended for busy mothers and our pleasure to please try our series and variety of baby's food.